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It's Not Your 1960's Real Estate Tour Anymore
Real estate virtual tours are the new kid in town; well, not really new since folks in the real estate business have be touting this product for years. But it's a one stop internet marketing system that is here to stay because it truly is the key that opens the door to one word: "exposure" and it is the easiest system you will ever use to create a tour. Let's clarify that statement. If you're dealing with the right real estate virtual tour information as well as knowing the right company and having real estate products that includes the most advanced and sophisticated features, you will be looking at nothing but blue skies and green lights. You'll also be able to convert your virtual tours package to videos and have them automatically uploaded to any other marketing source; and there are plenty of those.
Advantage: The Social Media!
If a realtor or real estate company wants to jump-to-the-front-of-the-line and create a video/podcast of any of their real estate virtual tours, they will find that step to be easy when it's automatically posted to any of the big names on the Internet. Other things you can accomplish are as follows:

* Agent Website that can be your very own "mini-website" (your own personal page) featuring profiles, accomplishments and upcoming tours.
* Flyer Advertising you can post on any site.
* Start A Custom Tour Theme by listing all of the local real estate companies in your area and end the display by letting readers see you name, company name plus your personal logo.
These kinds of real estate virtual tours can be singular or volume based and perfect for showing one or more real estate listings. And if you're clever enough you can create "feeds" to other local or national sites. Yes, there is no doubt about it, folks the real estate business has gone rogue and it's all about that word used in an earlier paragraph: "exposure." All that said, the question is do you want a virtual tour company to represent you and your sellers or become one yourself. If you opt to seek representation, there are some important questions you need to ask:

* Is the company you plan to choose local? If so, will there be a real person you can contact for information directly, or like many other companies, will you have to go through a national number just to make an appointment?
* How long has this company been in business and do they have a good reputation in the real estate field?
* Will this company distribute and/or create your works to major online companies?
* Will this company include blogs and Twitter and promote your virtual tour listings?
* Where will they host the virtual tours?

Note: It is critical that your chosen company has a marketing background and completely understand the nuances of real estate, social media as well as personal brand/name marketing. Also, once you have gone through the drill, make sure you verify everything mentioned.