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    Pon Pon Bunnies License www.ponponbunnies.com.ar
On behalf of the Pon Pon Bunnies team and after a year of dedicated hard work, I am really proud and happy to announce the launch of the Pon Pon Bunnies License!

Our license is intended to contribute to having a cheerful world by means of the stories you’ll be able to live and experience once you submerge in the Pon Pon Bunnies Universe. Umi, Almond, Chip and Minty will inspire young and grownups with their soft bunny texture, their favourite and exquisite ice cream flavours and their willingness for adventure joy and value education.

We would like to thank and invite you to multiply your dreams with the companionship of the Pon Pon Bunnies!

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