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How Stress Affects Oral Health
For many of us, stress is actually a huge part of our lives. With work, bills, taking care of children, having commitments come up, the whole nine yards, you probably have a lot of stress, or even stress to a degree. Too much is never good for a person, but do you really know why? Well, there are exact reasons for this. You might never realize it, but it can affect your oral health. Your Kennewick dentist might point these out, but it’s important to realize that all of the stress you might feel, is actually intimately connected to your oral health.

The first, is teeth grinding, which is bruxism. This is the technical term for grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw. You might not realize this, but this is actually a natural response to stress and frustration, so you might end up realizing you do this right away. However, there are some cases where it’s not actually don’t this way, but instead it’s done during your sleep because of life stresses, and people aren’t aware of this problem. You might have your Kennewick dentist point out that you have flatter tips of teeth and a sore jaw as signs of this, and it’s why you should make sure that you do work to alleviate the stress if it starts manifesting like this.
It can also worsen symptoms of TMD. This is a joint disorder, that actually affects the jaw joint and the muscles associated with moving the jaw and neck. This is similar to bruxism in a sense, since these two do have a connection. It’s implied that bruxism does contribute to this, and it will cause jaw clenching, pain in the joints, various headaches, and even a popping and clicking of your jaw. You might also notice a difficulty in swallowing and eating too because of this, and having that along with other signs of stress definitely doesn’t help.
Now, the final problem with stress is that it actually causes your immune system to weaken. When you’re stressed out, it can actually compromise your immune system, which will leave you prone to infection. You might end up get bodily infections, or oral infections because of this. You might end up having dry mouth as well, which is something that develops and cause a much higher risk for cavities as well.

For some, there are even canker sores that you might have. These can pop up, and while they aren’t contagious, they are extremely painful and never fun to deal with. It can also increase your risk for gum disease too, which is not something you like to deal with as well.

Now, what can you do about this? Well, sometimes getting rid of the stress isn’t something possible. It’s hard to just up and get rid of stress, but instead, you should try to find natural ways to calm down. Even taking a walk right before bed, planning your day better, and medication can help. However, you should also consider your oral health as well.

You should keep your oral health in top shape when you’re stressed. Seeing your Kennewick dentist and continuing to practice good hygiene will help to prevent your mouth from decay.
For many people, they often don’t realize that the effects of stress are getting to them unless something goes down. This can be in the body itself, or in the mouth, but often, it’s much more serious. While it’s hard to completely eliminate stress, if you’re worried about your oral health, do visit your dentist frequently so that they can look into your mouth. Who knows, they might end up finding the early signs of stress on your mouth, which is something that isn’t fun to deal with, but if you do make sure that you take the time to address and rectify these problems, it won’t get as bad as you might think it would.

It’s impossible to completely avoid stress. This isn’t easy. It’s never easy, and for many, this is often something that you might not realize until its’ too late. But it can have adverse effects on the body, and knowing them helps.