Continuum.Sitting Still(Whilstallaroundwewerecollapsing
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    Third video of the project Continuum.
Breathe. Don't Breathe. You can feel the dust flowing slowly inside your mouth. It touches your lips, as someone who is going to extract your eyes right out of your head, it laughs and paints a thin veil of shame all over your chest. from inside. knives made by teeth and nails are cutting the remaining edges of your so called body. it is not a body anymore, it is something different. it has the same color of the old, lost letters, it tastes the same of an empty can, thrown away by someone, somewhere. Close your eyes. Don't close your eyes. Lick the blade that cuts your hands, bite your fingers and spit them down in a deep canyon. Your lungs are no more fighting, and they are slowly corroded by the collapsing of the buildings all around you. your buildings, your towers. the sky is too heavy for your wrists, Atlantis. Knee on those rocks made of glass and sweat. Kiss those feet made of hope and disillusion. Where are thou. What are thou. Just a collapsing building. between collapsing buildings.

Video Collage: 3'25"
Video Installation
Music by: Double Handsome Dragons
Directed By: Robert O'Donnell