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arabic version of Shinobi Wear logo
We are Mike and Julia – artists and the founders of Shinobi wear. It was founded in 2010, back then we took up the creation of costumes for a series of Asian thematic performances. The actors had to be very active, move a lot, make stunts, that is why the wear was not only supposed to reflect contemporary Japanese culture and traditions, but also be as comfortable as possible. It was a very challenging and inspiring task. The results have surpassed all our expectations and we couldn’t help developing the ideas from then on, which eventually gave birth to something more substantial. This is how it all started for Shinobi.

We have combined two approaches here –artistic and constructive. Still having Asian culture as a major source of inspiration, we got down to the creation of designs, mainly focusing on the search of new shapes and patterns. We aimed to combine unique designs with comfort and functionality. Our passion was not simply to give way to our creativity and make our ideas come to life, but to produce an affordable, high quality clothing line. Thus the ultimate goal for us was to make a step from the creation of single samples to the serial production of our clothing, still keeping the unique designs. It was the turning point in the development of Shinobi as a brand and became the foundation of its philosophy.
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