Casa de Valmonio jam
Self initiated project (Identity, naming, package)
In the small city of Benavente (Spain, Zamora's province), can found "Camino de Valmonio" (Valmonio's track). In the right margin in direction to Santa Cristina's village, it's located with the number 8 the house "Casa de Valmonio" (Valmonio's House), a traditional house which was built in 1861.

The pool built in the 60's with a very singular shape that protects it form the Zamorano hard winter, quickly becames a key element of the property, around it, were planted trees, and fruit shrubs that today supplies the main jams producer of the brand "Casa de Valmonio".

"We wanted a motorbike, the idea afraid our parents, so we got to choose between the motorbike and the pool, did the trick with the pool where we going by bike ...".
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