Bringing the grungy 90s girl band back (photoshoot)
Bringing the grungy 90s girl band back

At J+E, we focus on expanding our skills but pushing ourselves with passion projects—including developing my skills behind the camera with a 90s-inspired girl-band photoshoot. But how does this relate to J+E Creative and our approach to design thinking? Simple. Content strategy is more and more about images and video (as opposed to just copy) and telling a story with theme and composition. And talented models, of course.

The amazing models of the fictional 90s girl band, Belly—Kate Marie Cofsky and Ellie Decker:
Each photo was treated with three different ways—a high-contrast black and white that captured the harsh style and grittiness of the 90s aesthetic, a chromatic treatment that blended black and white with an orange for Ellie and a blue for Kate, and a full-color style that applied either a faded, over-exposed lighting effect or a grunge, almost sepia overlay:
The full black and white series: