Winner—Fjord Design for Digital Product Design, RGD Student Awards 2017
Honourable Mention—Quarry Award for UX, RGD Student Awards 2017
Merit—ADCC Student Awards 2017, Interactive
Winner—Best Interactive Digital Thesis Project, GBC School of Design 2017​​​​​​​
Gabbi is a mobile application that teaches parents tools and strategies to scaffold their children’s language development and build the foundation for literacy before Kindergarten. It is a convenient, personalized, take-home resource that supplements or substitutes workshops offered by the TDSB’s Parenting & Family Literacy Centres (PFLC). This design solution allows the PFLC to accommodate and extend its literacy-building initiatives to all members of its target group and promote equal access to education.

Bold and playful, Gabbi’s goal is two folds: 1) to mobilize  busy and overwhelmed parents to take an active role in their young children’s language development through fun play- and conversation-based activities; and 2) make learning about language development and milestones to be more approachable, engaging, and relevant. 

A trusted, pocket sidekick that parents can consult at their convenience, Gabbi ensures parents are equipped with the necessary skills and strategies to ensure their children’s literacy and communication skills are optimized for school entry.
Demo Video
Mobile App Prototype
Screen Capture of Responsive Landing Page
Gabbi—Design Thesis

Gabbi—Design Thesis