Affirmation (May 2012): I wanted to see with my new Wacom tablet how I would fair using this tool on Photoshop. It took some time to get the right strokes in the right places when inking in the line. I found the pen really kicking in when I started playing around with the colours and shading. At the moment I feel I'm a bit stiff with the shading and need to use different types of brushes. But the end result was satisfying, on to the next!
Left 4 Dead 2 (Sep 2011): My reinvention of the 'bad guys' from Left 4 Dead 2 in a chibi (cute) form. Experimented with textures and mesh shading in Illustrator.
Nom Nom Time! (June 2011): I wanted to add a texture like skin on all the elements in the picture and add a slight gradient to bring out the image. This was experimental and it was the first piece I did trying this.
Claymore (March 2011): This was the first time I tried illustrating digitally, and I really wanted to bring across my skills from oil and acrylic painting over to the screen (analogy to digital). Here I tried out the basic outlines and focused more on the metal shading (feel, weight, texture).
Radio waves (March 2010): This was the first piece I did when I first met Illustrator (hello!). At the time I was really into the whole minimalistic approach almost anal and very linear. I collects loads of electronic manuals from the 80s (a hobby I had back then) and just draw out these psuedo appliances and abstract compositions. 
Jack up! (March 2010): Another piece during this phase I was going through. This really mirrors what I had been reading (Ghost in a Shell) at the time.
Information Overload (Jan 2010): This was an animated piece based on the analysis of online information overload for our generation. Done in After Effects from character design, storyboarding, to execution. This ended up being one of the experiments I went through (I felt it was too literal a interpretation) to get to my final animation which I showed in the OXO Tower in London on 4 old analogue TV's. 
Mickey mouse in his house. I have plans for these to be real models, just see where that goes!