I was approached by independent game developer Copper Frog Games LLC to design an identity and aesthetic for their game. Pigment at its heart is a game that seeks to educate its audience on both classical paintings and the process of creating paint through the combination of pigments. Utilizing research into the history of paint and painting I developed the identity and aesthetic desired. 
The logo for "Pigment" takes all the aspects of the game and lays them out plainly for you. The mixing of the colors to create something new, the rich wood of the palette and the person shaped thumbhole representing the player and their soon to be had grasp on painting. The alternate logo functions under more clean conditions when verticle space could be an issue. 
"The Bazaar Card" Backs
The "Bazaar Card" depicts unmixed pigments dusting a canvas and colliding with each other, this fun, energetic take on the concept encourages a playful demeanor in the game environment and pulls together visually the concept of the game. 
The "Rules Sheet"
The Rules sheet design echoes the design method used in the "Bazaar Card" this enforces a unified theme and continues the playful and energetic atmosphere of the game.
For copyright reasons the live text for the rules sheet has been replaced with dummy text.
In the Wild
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Matthew Revezzo