Nissan GT-R 2017 [Full CG]

Hey guys! We want to share with you our newest portfolio work. Nissan GT-R 2017 in snowy mountains. For this beast we prepared fully CGI shots.

For this scene we used corona renderer 1.6. It works amazingly well when using for automotive visualisation.
Entire project was made from textures. It shows the variety of textures that the site is offering. Snow textures works great for close parts of the scene but also for mountains that are far away. We also used road, cobblestone, overlay and rock textures. On top of that site is offering amazing HDR which we used to light up the car and scene.
Terrain is fully CG and we modelled it in World Machine. We also baked the diffuse texture for mountains but instead of using it as diffuse we used it as mask to sepperate the rocks from snow. Then we created shaders for snow and rocks using poliigon textures and used mask from world machine.
Most of the terrain and road is also sculpted in ZBrush to achieve even more detail.
The Making of “Nissan GT-R 2017” - Render of the month:

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