Corporate Christmas gifts. Infamous part of Holiday season in Lithuania. Usually they come in all shapes and sizes of cakes, sweets, wine bottles, etc. They all add up to long hours of darkness, huge amount of snow, freezing temperatures, HUGE heating bills and make winter even more depressing. Our task was to make Red Bull stand out during winter season and make its gift fun and distinctive. 
Only last year Lithuanian market saw major spike in adult coloring book sales. Keeping in mind that whole country turns grey and dark since September we had to find the way to fight winter blues. ​​​​​​​
We created an enormous (over 1 meter in height) adult coloring poster. Keeping in mind that during winter season everyone dreams of warm places our poster had lush jungle view. To make coloring even more adventurous all the cells were kept as small as possible. ​​​​​​​
This tongue in cheek Christmas gift for Red Bull fans, partners, opinion leaders, sponsored athletes and musicians became most shared Red Bull gift ever with social media posts reaching over 120 000 active social media users in Lithuania. Apparently all you need to fight winter blues is just some wiiings.
Color therapy with wiiings