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    Packaging design for a soap in NN.07s Autumn/Winter collection "The Tokyo Take".
Packaging Design
Soap packaging for NN.07 Autumn/Winter Collection '12
Brief: Produce a packaging design for a soap. It is up to you to decide what kind of soap (liquid, bar of soap etc…) who the customer is and where it is placed. It is also up to you to give a name to your product!

To learn the basic ideas of packaging design and to convey a message, built on the product idea, creating a higher experience for the buyer. Also to gain understanding of the hierarchal play of information on a specific format and what special challenges the format convey.
Inspiration: I decided to do a soap packaging for a fashion brand and started my research by browsing the fashion shops of Stockholm, Sweden. I went to all my favorite shops and looked into what my favorite brands was planning for their Autumn/Winter collections this year.

I found this super fancy fashion catalogue from the
"NN.07" clothing company called "The Tokyo Take". For the fashion shots in the catalogue they have went out in the streets of Tokyo, dressed the people in the streets in their NN.07 Autumn/Winter collection and made the photo shoots in the everyday life of the people of Tokyo.

Why have they done this? Their answer is "It's easy to get clothes to look good on a supermodel. Using all the tricks of the trade to make outfits look their best. But thats not real, its fake and we like to do do things right."

This really inspired me and i decided to make my soap packaging for the "NN.07" Autumn/Winter Collection. My main goal with the packaging design was to make the soap go with "The Tokyo Take" catalogue as a freebie to make people interested in the catalogue and the NN.07 Collection for this fall.

The online-version of the catalogue
The outer shell of the three different designs i made for the soap.
To make the soap packaging go hand in hand with the expression that NN.07 wants to give their Autumn/Winter Collection I've used material exclusively from the "Tokyo Take" Catalogue for the packaging design.
Browse the online-catalogue to see what elements I've used for different details.
Second layer of packaging is a very thin paper with the "No Nationality - Japan, Tokyo" stamp on.
A sticker from the catalogue that holds the second layer of packaging together on the underside of the packaging forms the Japanese flag.
NN.07 cotton patch (usually found on their clothes) on the left side of the box that the soap is in.
The thicker paper box (made from the catalogue cover) slides out of the thin second layer packaging.
All layers of packaging exposed and also the strip of paper with info about the soap and its ingredients.
The soap is carefully wrapped into a piece of Japanese newspaper and glued together with a sticker so it forms tha Japanese flag.