A package design for Sharkey's Hardlife – Collector's Edition Record Set with a music visualization, and a one-scroll informational webpage to house it all. The idea of this project is to show the interaction between color an technology to describe the music. The music is called Freeform, a underground grungy and energetic music genre found in the warehouse parties of the rave scene. The package design transforms this music in three ways: The outside of the packaging is layered and bright; it has an image of bracelets you would in these warehouses, hidden, to describe the techy look and feel of the music. The inside of the packaging acts as a explosion to the inside of "the music" where it transforms from a static, modular design to one that has looked like it has transformed and became "acidic" like the sound of the music. The whole design uses layers as design elements because the music itself is designed in layers.
Credits: Music by Sharkey