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    I designed and illustrated this stamp collection during my final year of college.
I titled this stamp collection "Every Serif Has a Story". Each stamp features a font, the typographer's name and an illustration to represent a part of the history of that typeface. Each illustration contains actual letters from the typefaces it represents.

Stamp 1: Mrs. Eaves was named for Baskerville’s live-in housekeeper, Sarah Eaves, whom he later married (a scandal and allegedly much of the cause of Baskerville’s poor reputation)

Stamp 2: We know William Caslon for his typefaces but did you know he started his own business in 1716 as an engraver of gun locks and barrels? (He was also an influencer of Baskerville).

Stamp 3: John Baskerville insisted that after his death he be buried in his own garden.

Stamp 4: Claude Garamond came to prominence in the 1540s, first for a Greek typeface he was commissioned to create for the French king Francis I.