Large Paintings and Drawings from 2011
soft pastel, graphite, liquid cement color, paper, oil paint, pen
60 x 42 inches
. 2011. 
soft pastel, coffee, walnut ink, India ink, pencil, paper, graphite, pen. 
60 x 42 inches
The View Cast in Concrete Framing. 2011. 
soft pastel, coffee, ink, graphite, pen, paper, liquid cement color
48 x 42 inches
Please Put Your Foot Here. 2011.
soft pastel, india ink, paint marker, graphite, acrylic, pencil, paper, viewer's foot, walnut ink.
42 x 24 inches.
Structural Containment. 2010.
graphite, charcoal, chalk, ink, paper. 42 x 40 inches.