Redesign of Swedish organic food brand Kung Markatta
Kung Markatta is an all organic Swedish brand established in 1983. Pretty much the first brand focusing on organic foods in Sweden, Kung Markatta believes that it’s never to late to change your way of living. They avoid pesticides and unnatural additives, work with the Fairtrade Foundation and plant trees to completely offset their carbon footprint – everything to be the best brand they possibly can be.

Due to rising trends in personal health and environmental awareness, many new organic brands are cropping up around them. These brands are up-to-date, modern and know what the environmentally consciuos consumer of today is looking for, while Kung Markatta is slipping behind and feels largely outdated. They have great potential but their visual identity doesn’t reflect the essence of the brand anymore.

As our last project at Brobygrafiska, we decided to redesign Kung Markatta and rethink their packaging solutions. Our goal with the project was to update their visual identity to highlight the brand's genuine values. We wanted to visualize this by giving them a visual language that is up-to-date, works with their entire range of products, catches the eye of the environmentally conscious and reflects Kung Markatta's core values. 

After the redesign, the visual language conveys the organic feeling the brand has been lacking, with information highlighting interesting new ways to cook, and other uses of the products. The structural packaging has been redesigned for optimal use of space during transport, new sizes based on portions rather than weight, and with new smaller options for the many single households in the country to help eliminate food waste. Everything to go the extra mile, for the food producers, for you, and for the environment.
old logotype
new logotype
kung markatta eco-stamp
custom font
illustration sample
peanut butter with sea salt
green smoothie – ginger / mango
The glass bottles have been substituted with plastic to reduce emissions in transit. Thanks to the well developed recycling system in Sweden, plastic has huge environmental benefits over glass.

tea – green tea, rooibos, earl grey
coconut oil
recart – chick peas, coconut milk
The old tin cans have been exchanged to Recart, a fiber based container by Tetrapak using 40% less space, a huge benefit for the environment. The packages for coconut milk also have reduced volume to suit two servings instead of four and therefore minimize waste from cooking too much food or storing open half full containers.

juice – orange, beetroot, apple
As with smoothies, the juice bottles have been substituted with plastic. Since Kung Markatta don't use any additives their juices only keep for about five days after opening, so we also decided to reduce the bottles to 500 ml to minimize the risk of them going bad.

red lentils
peanut butter with sea salt, coconut oil
The products in the range that were previously packaged in glass jars, are now packaged in plastic ones.

green smoothie – orange / banana
juice – beetroot
recart – chick peas
red lentils, buckwheat, wild rice

These packages have been changed to fit even portions instead of a certain weight. The cooking instructions are now also based on single portions instead of four.

Some of these products used to be packed in plastic bags. We designed and replaced them with a stable cardboard package that maximizes its use of space during transport and is easy to pour out of, for less risk of spilling.

juice – orange
recart – chick peas
green smoothie – beetroot / mango
Thank you for having a look at our graduation work. We hope you appreciated it!

Kung Markatta

Kung Markatta

As our last project at Brobygrafiska, we decided to redesign Kung Markatta and rethink their packaging solutions. Our goal with the project was t Read More


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