Seattle Aquarium Redesign

This redesign aims to attract those who have visited the Seattle Aquarium before to see the site in a new light, and for those yet to go to the attraction to see aquariums themselves in a unique way. For this redesign, I created a new visual identity for the aquarium, applied that identity to the branding of the design, and designed a new service application to aid those visiting the site.

Designing the App Experience
This is an application intended for a user about to visit the exhibit or already within the exhibit. It does not intend for the aquarium to offer more than it already does; rather, it simply facilitates the activities and exhibits and the aquarium in current existence.

For the application, it seemed necessary that four levels of information be communicated: a "home," or a central place for top level information; an information section with frequently asked questions, ticket prices, etc; a location section that allows the user to see where they are in reference to other exhibits and their information; and events going on that day.

Wireframes and Navigation
Further Branding
As the identity of the Seattle Aquarium relies on far more than just visual UI, I also created mockups of what promotional advertising might look like, as well as their website and catalogue for print viewing.