A Great civilization falls into chaos amidst the discovery of the temples across the continent which contain the knowledge to control the elements of nature



These are the type of skills gained after acquiring the relics from the elemental temples. These skills will allow the character to manipulate/use the environment to his/her advantage. These skills include offensive, defensive and navigational powers. Examples of these powers are mentioned in the following section.The unique feature of this game is that the skills or powers of players depend on the environment. The elemental skills can be performed only in presence of the element which grants the power. The environment can give advantage or disadvantage to the player. The player will have to make use of the terrain/natural elements to have an upper hand in combat.


The Mechanics of the game can be grouped into three: Navigation, Combat, and Strategy. The game uses a 3D world with a 3rd person camera.

The movement controls involve walk, sprint, jump, crouch and roll.
The player might also have additional movement capabilities based on their character class.  For example, a warrior can use adrenaline rush to perform a dash ( Covering a short distance instantaneously).

Few elemental skills also facilitate movement
·         Air relic can give the power to glide down to a lower terrain without taking damage.
·         Ether relic can provide power to teleport to a limited distance.
·         Earth relic can provide power to pull out platforms of the earth to jump upon.
These skills help in better positioning during combat, to strategically use the environment to player’s advantage.

The player uses weapons to fight. These weapons can be classified into:
·         Melee and Ranged
·         Magical and non-magical
·         Light, Medium and heavy
·         Flaming sword (two-handed)- melee, heavy and magical
·         Longbow- ranged, light and non-magical
Player class also might provide skills that will aid him in combat. For example, Hunters can call wild beasts to fight/tank while he takes out enemies using ranged weapons.
Elemental skills also give offensive/defensive capabilities such as
·         Earth strike- spikes of rock hits the enemies from ground dealing instant damage
·         Firebolts- shoots balls of fire which deals damage over time
·         Earth shield- protects from attacks
·         Earthshock- Knocks back enemies in an area around the player
·         Wind push- pushes away enemies/objects in an area.
·         Freeze (Water) – Freezes enemies for a short time.


Player Builds

As the player progresses through the game he /she gains experience and levels up. Each level-up will provide a skill point which can be used to upgrade skill tree.
The player will have to choose weapons and elemental skills according to their playstyle. Using a weapon of a class will improve the skill in using weapons belonging to that particular class. The same applies to elemental skills too.  This along with the skill tree will allow player to come up with unique play styles.certain
For example, the character can be developed into
·         An agile, melee swordsman from warrior class who uses stealth, deception and adrenaline rush. He can develop powers like teleport (either) and create a platform (earth) for better agility.
·         An archer from hunter class who fights using ranged weapons like. Hunter class will have the power to call beasts of wild to his aid.  He can develop powers like glide (air) and power jump (air) to help him get better vantage points.bow
In-game strategy
In fights, the positioning of character in the environment is an important factor as the skills can be used only in presence of the element. This decision should be based on the type, strength, and number of enemies and also the terrain in which fight happens.