Wedding Logos 2012
Using initials to create a customized logo for the bride and groom
This was my first year where I started receiving wedding invites sent directly to me (instead of me + family). All of these logos were created for my friends as gifts. Every single bride contacted me afterwards and decided to incorporate it into their wedding. These wedding logos incorporate the initials of the bride and groom in a creative romantic way.
Designed for my longtime friend since 3rd grade, Jayanti, and her incredible husband, Amila. Their initials "A & J" are in the rose and stem respectively. This logo was used on the wedding party favors and on the escort seating cards.
I've had the honor of knowing both the bride and groom. The logo I designed for them was to show how when you combine Deborah ("D") and Benjamin ("B") together, they are one and form a love that perfectly compliments each other (the heart). This logo was used as a large banner (3ft x 6ft) displayed at the reception and matched the wedding theme's colors (purple & yellow).
Like the other logos, this one also uses the initials of the bride and groom and forms a heart. This logo was used on the wedding invitations.