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    7 Part Commercials and Montage for US Cellular
Rewards - US Cellular

Over the past year, I was fortunate enough to be involved in a 7 part project through US Cellular and local studio Tendril. It turned out to be a pretty exciting job.

I was told early that the spots would be a mix of live action and CG, but it was relying on playful, warm, design aesthetics.

The idea was to integrate these elements in a photoreal environment, but to keep a constant theme throughout each of the spots: Each structure was to be built from ordinary household materials and pieces, as if it could be modeled from scratch. This meant we needed to use things like cardboard boxes, balloons, clay, wire, and even toasters, all to be rendered in Vray. In some cases the animations were even rendered out in two's to achieve and even closer feeling to stop motion.

The process was always spontaneous and exciting. In many cases, designs were still being developed during the edit to correspond with either what was being said or how shots were framed.