Bigud Social is a digital content agency that invited us to do mural in their façade. 
The main theme they gave us was Utopia and then we did some abstractions from this idea.​​​​​​​

With this concept we wanted to reach several subjects that would represent as it is to live in the present but being each time closer to a representation of the future,  such as territories and the idea of belonging to somewhere, technology, cosmogony, human x machina. The illustration was created by Herbert Loureiro, one of the members of Lambada, and painted by the whole team. <3

Digital Illustration
Day 1: sketches with projector

Day 2: starting to paint (until the rain messes it up)

Day 3: finishing (and praying not to rain)

Final result!

Thank you!
Utopia Mural for Bigud Social