Artist Statement
Sicheng Wang

I observe very carefully. 
The perfection is always there, 
in front of me, 
when I look at shapes between shadow with light.

I alone keep emptying the shadow. 
When the sun strikes the window with its rays. 
Dust trembles and hovers in the light. 

Pause in silence, 
A moment grows dark. 
Purple grows interiorly. 
Yellow and red quietly flicker, quietly stay.
Withering Cloud

To imagine that a piece of cloud withers in light. Like a craftsman reels off raw silk from cocoons. Cool in shadow. Trembling and beating in silence. I just want the idea of life that drains out of my mind, and leaves me quiet on this lawn.

Cool in shadow

My friend and I put a white blanket on the grass. White with blue and red. I guess purple is my favourite. Yellow with red are like clouds, and the shadow of leaves. I can hear stems and dry leaves bend and break in silence. Rectangular light comes into the interior.


I think every step is where I started. I walk covering time and space, and always stand at my own doorstep. Artwork has only a tintering of what it attempts to represent: the artist’s interior, and the observers’ response. I wander around in my mind, and open its door.
Color Training: Observation in Progress

Cloudy day of green-gray is rich in red, yellow and purple.
Color: one bright spot; several white dots.
Withered grass and soaked bark.
Black male with red headphones and blue-shod.
Red wetness of decayed leaves on a grass-green lawn.
White desiccation on a roadside.
Lilac cluster on thin trees.
Dry and wet black gravel forms black and white stripes beside a railway.

Contemplation on life as a tree.
Contentment on a chilly morning.
Muted and constant light.
Without shadow, without sound.
Wind and moisture hover in the air.
Senses alert, body wide-open
Still point of bliss.
Time stands still, sweet aromas of life and decay.
Color Training

Color Training


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