Sportcampus Zuiderpark

Sportcampus Zuiderpark
The heart of sport in The Hague

Sport is an important source of power. A regular work out makes you healthier, more social, happier and it energizes you. That source of power can now be found at Sportcampus Zuiderpark. Here, the municipality of The Hague, the Haagse Hogeschool and ROC Mondriaan offer you a centre of sports and welcome everybody to move, work out or encourage their favourite athletes. Sportcampus Zuiderpark ‘Kom Verder’.
The newly developed sports centre, located in the Zuiderpark (The Hague, The Netherlands) the best known sports park of the city, recently opened her doors on June 17th and 18th. It is the centre for sports and education in The Hague and surroundings. Athletes, event organizers and supporters come in this surrounding together to experience sports. It’s about team spirit and achieving your goals, at your own pace and ability. This makes Sportcampus Zuiderpark the heart of sports in The Hague. And with this in mind, Total Identity created the brand identity of Sportcampus Zuiderpark.

A ribbon flows around the building of Sportcampus Zuiderpark. Total Design used that ribbon as the core element of the identity. The ribbon creates its own rhythm and dynamic and shows the connection of different perspectives and insights of sports. The brand visuals are derived from this symbolic ribbon. It’s a dynamic, three-dimensional shape in a notable colour that symbolizes movement and action. Motivate yourself to achieve your ultimate goal and give a little bit more to achieve an outstanding achievement on your own level.

Client: Gemeente Den Haag, de Haagse Hogeschool en ROC Mondriaan
Project: Sportcampus Zuiderpark, brand, corporate identity,
strategy, pay-off, visuals, website, corporate brochure, signage, animations
Agency: Total Design
Architect: FaulknersBrowns

Advisor: Elisabeth Kroon
Creative director: Edwin van Praet
Design: Edwin van Praet, Tim Hölscher, Natalia Bourges
Desktoppublishing: Paul Scholte
Copy: Marcel Jiskoot, Stijn van Diemen
Client Services: Elisabeth Kroon, Manfred Roosenstein
Motion graphics: Valeriu Nechita
Casting: Dutch Casting Agency, Marjolein Olink
Styling: Geert-Jan Renzen
Photography athletes: Lodewijk Duijvesteijn
Image editing: Slice of Image, Marjan van Nus
Photography case: Valerie Kuypers, Lodewijk Duijvesteijn, Marjan van Nus
Web Development: Evert Slagter
Signing: Beeldwerk, Rene Nawijn

German Design Award, Winner, Brand Identity
Graphis New York, Silver Award, Category Branding
International Design Awards (IDA), Honorable Mention, Category Logos
International Design Awards (IDA), Honorable Mention, Category Signs

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Sportcampus Zuiderpark