Pitch by Ministry of Sound to design the cover of their most famous compilation, The Annual (2013). I haven't won, but sure it has been a great experience. Hope you like it, enjoy!
I've been inspired for this project by the "synthetic alphabet" by the legendary italian designer Bruno Munari (1907-1998), an uppercase typeface which purpose was to make its letters the simplest possible keeping at the same time its legibility.
First version, black white and gold. Second, acid colors.
The following designs are based on a die cut design, so creating two layers for the cover, one removable and the other one as real body of the package.
One concept, several options.
Using the same noisy treatment I did with Disintegration, giving it the effect of a stencil spray mask.
Fourth version, die cut glitched version.
A glitched animation to show all the versions. Could look good for live visuals.
Ministry of Glitch.
Two versions, not, three. One with the diecut shell on and off, and two variants using different masking options.
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