Renson Healthbox 3.0 Air quality app

The Renson app enables you to take control of the air quality in your home. People spend over 90% of their life indoors, while indoor air pollution is an underestimated health risk. This app gives pollution warnings, tips on ventilation and visual graphs indicating the condition of all the different areas of your home.

Clarity for Ease of Everyday Use

Made turned something as invisible as air quality into an easy-to-use solution. An extensive UX flow was created to make air quality management tangible, clear and understandable for all users.

Creative Minds Working Together

Made supported Renson by mapping every stakeholder and defining the whole value chain. On this intensive co-creation journey, examining the range of technical possibilities wasn’t the main goal. Made ultimately focussed on improving end users’ daily lives and comfort.

User Testing for Approval 

User validation helps determine the relevance of all functionalities and excludes redundancy. Made guided Renson through a user-centric design approach by testing the designs with different users and target groups.

Pixelperfect. Each and Every Time

The use of customisable visual devices such as animations, colour schemes and time graphs make air management accessible for all householders.

Renson Air quality app