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    Pitch for Environmental graphics of MTN HQ, Accra Ghana.

Got invited to pitch for the design of the Environmental Graphics for the MTN HQ in Accra Ghana. We didn't get the job but we loved the exploration of the concept we developed.


This project is RD+VS’ proposal on environmental graphics and way-finding system for interiors of newly constructed five-storey edifice, MTN House. The facility situated in the central business district of the capital will function as headquarters of the largest telecom brand in Ghana. 

This pitch is remitted to James Cubitt Interiors, interior design section of architects James Cubitt cordinating the constuction and interiors for the edifice.  

We are tasked to develope design solutions that creates a platform of optimal collaboration between design and technology, we thrive on MTN’s brand promise of delivering a new ‘digital world’ to customers, through efforts to connect people to place, brand and the buillt environment. 

What we seek to create is an uber next level way-finding system which  facilitates users engagement of personal smart devices in the navigation and orientation process. This is to make users appreciate the capabilities of smart handheld devices and trust in the potentials of MTN as a telecom brand well positioned for the future.

We are developing an atmosphere users of the space can indulge in- a work+play station feel to optimize employee performance, and also welcoming to customers. The crux is to reiterate the brand’s mission, vision and values through bold designs for easy comprehension by employees and customers.


Movement, orientation and navigation are regular human activities. Choices upon information, routes and destinations make up a journey through a built environment. 

A properly designed wayfinding system provides a natural network of information, showing the right information at the right place and time. 

The ultra interactive approach takes spatial navigation up a notch, creating a cohesive digital system that influences users of the space physically and engages their senses within the built environment.  

Introducing cutting edge, state-of-the-art technologies and strategies to reinforce the brand’s commitment on delivering a bold and new digital world to customers. MTN is regarded as one of the least sensitive and unresponsive communication providers locally, we’ll take up this challenge and forge an experiential and interactive environment, which gives customers a first hand experience on what the brand is capable of offering. 

This we believe presents an opportunity to create a memorable experience and a live brand engagement.


The motif is inspired by the very fundamental thing that connects users to the brand - a SIM card and also integrates the use of paper planes as depicting a sense of free-spirited forward thinking of the brand. 

Communication’s evolution  has been a never-ending process and we are at a point where we’ve seen many years of immense advancement within this field. It has traveled eras and witnessed arrays of medium that has made the process of getting information around and connecting people possible. 

Most of these have since been replaced today with the dawn of digital communication, made possible by satellites in outerspace and fiber optic cables underground, with MTN leading the front in delivering these new forms of communication to the populace locally. Admittedly, it’s a whole lot easier to connect with people all around the world today than it has ever been decades and centuries before.

We metaphorically use paperplanes here as an analogy to communication made easy. We believe communication amongst people should simply be free flowing without even realising the medium that makes this possible. What every customer truly requires is to communicate with ease without noticing technical impediments such as bad signals and poor connectivity that usually makes the process quite an 
exasperating ordeal, the user simply wants to connect.

This we juxtapose with MTN’s objective and promise of connecting people and making it as simple and pleasurable as users desire, free flowing communication devoid of deterrents. 

Further forward, these paper plane motif is incoporated into the wayfinding system as a navigational pointer on walls to aid users of the spaces make out exit and entrance routes as most users are likely to miss their routes and go round in “circles”.