Mercado da Pedra


Mercado da Pedra is a 13 years old company that operates in the sector of transformation, trade and application of precious and exotic natural stones. The company expanded its work to the luxury segment, with a work of stone even more exclusive to premium spaces namely in the hospitality market. So the brand redefined itself and its ID was no longer updated. The challenge was to create a global brand, repositioning Mercado da Pedra as a premium brand that offers a complete and dedicated service from briefing to implementation. The ID, stationery and catalogues symbolize Mercado da Pedra new positioning. 


Luxury is about time. Like a rare and exclusive piece of jewellery, a limited edition.
The earth heritage meets technology and challenges human ability. The stone weight requires delicate strong hands and knowledge to shape the roughness of a solid and raw material. Mercado da Pedra stays honest to the precious natural stones taking the most exquisite and rare matter in the hands of experienced craftsman, interior designers and architects to create unique ambiences. 
Cover Frame

The concept developed for the communication pieces of Mercado da Pedra, is based on the use of textures and chromatic palette of real stones. To visually represent the concept we created a cover frame that is a natural extension of the stone on the cover. It shows how the essence of the concept is applied in a consistent and faithful way to the raw material.


On mercado da Pedra materials we reproduce the textures of the stone and its luminosity by exploring embossed techniques, deep stamping with 3D localised varnish and two types of paper finishings. The 3 different covers covers are a faithful reproduction
of a special stone bring the most exquisite visual and feeling to the graphic materials. 
Luxury is about time

Crafted timeless beauty for the modern world. Art reserved just for the sophisticated taste.
The look&feel and graphic materialisation is a commitment with the attention to detail and excellence of production.

Photography by Nuno Moreira / Numo
Video by João Sousa / Le Joy
Motion by Silvia Antunes

Carla Sousa

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Mercado da Pedra