(part I) (part I)

Role : Branding, graphic chart     Agency : --     Client :     Date : 2016

Description is an opensource webapp created by Maxime Lathuière and whose objective is to give a second life to our books. Thus through a social network, we can do a set of transactions: giving, exchanging, lending or even reselling books. In future, the project wants touch other fields than literature and. To know more I invite you to visit the site here .

The site being constructed in a collaborative way, to contribute I wanted to bring better graphic solutions to improve the user experience. So I proposed in a first part (below) a new graphic identity and then in a second part (here) a new global organization of the site.

These proposals are not effective, and have not yet taken place on the official platform. They will take place after reflections with the different people in collaborations, and in the technical possibilities of each one.


Logo animations


Pictograms animations

Fonts & colors

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