Oak stool  / Small table design.

Inspired by Japanese bathing stools and the simplicity of woodworking from Japan. These solid Oak pieces came to fruition after setting myself a design challenge to work up an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture using off-cuts from a friends workshop that would usually be burnt.

These final pieces are from carefully selected Oak boards, Knots are sometimes present to give added interest to their final form and show the beauty of the natural wood.

Long Stool

Height: 30.5cm (12")
Width: 43.3cm (17")
Depth: 24.5cm (9 3/4")

Finish: Beeswax and Carnauba Wax mix.
Knot Stool

Height: 32.4cm (12 3/4")
Width: 28.7cm (11 1/4")
Depth: 23.5cm (9 1/4")
Finish: Beeswax and Carnauba Wax mix.
Cerused Stool

Height: 30.5cm (12")
Width: 28.5cm (11 1/4")
Depth: 24.5cm (9 3/4")
Finish: Cerused with liming wax and water based clear satin varnish

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