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    A series of flying party balloons operating as street installations for the resistance.
World Freedom, Get Well Soon!
Los Globos Artivistas, first of a series of ballons installation.

Its "debut" took place during 25th of April Anniversary of the Resistance's demonstration in Milan, beside Palestinian liberation movements.

Photos by Caterina Ragg

Los Globos Artivistas is a series of flying balloons operating as street installations for the resistance, throughout Milano, Italia.
The idea came to me when I realized I was too slow to paint graffiti on a street wall without getting caught.There is a particular memory from my childhood's fondness that has extended to  adulthood : ballons.
Balloons and their admirable colors.. I thought, I must not be the only one to appreciate this daily phenomenon.  But balloons in and of themselves miss the political punch I find in graffiti.
I am deeply influenced by the forms of feast and celebration in different cultures whose colors and meanings often resurface in my drawings, in this case, specifically Central and South America.  Their festivals have a natural inclination to color and party filled with opulent objects and decorations.  Indeed the stores I am gathering supplies from are organizers and retailers from Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.  When I step inside I am transported to a festival of colors that induces instant inspiration.  

I debuted the project during the demonstration of April 25th, 2017: A major event in Milano, aimed to celebrate the Resistance to fascism in Italia.  This is also a moment to remember all the luchas for freedom that are happening world wide.  Along with fellow resisters who have been my allies in this performance; we have paraded alongside the Palestinian Liberation Movement.  The word "Freedom", accompanied by, "Get Well Soon", and a balloon in the form of the world, work together in order to create a sort of puzzle.

These writings could be produced with graffiti.  The difference is that they are flying, moving, uncontrollable and legitimate.  The idea that balloons are flying in the air creates intrigue.  The fact that they deflate, losing all their playful appeal is ironically inevitable.  The scripts with golden letters are accompanied by balloons with the cliché phrases, "get well soon", "just married", "congratulations", and "good luck" to send a memo or rather, a reminder of an upcoming insurrection.
The resistance is necessary but it doesn’t have to be as threatening as what we are resisting.  Some may see it as absurd to use balloons and glittering fuchsia ribbons to get essential ideas across to the masses, but I will continue to search with wonder, question with amusement, and do so with full force.  

If there will be an insurrection, it will be a happy one.