Using Bubble Wrap Properly
Bubble wrap is one of the most interesting packing items you will ever use, and you must ensure that you are using it properly when you are searching for better ways to care for your shipments. There are many items you will place in boxes that must go to far parts of the earth, and you cannot send them off without protection. This article explains how you may use the proper protection for your shipments, and you will find that using bubble wrap is a fluid process that changes purposes as you work.
#1: Line The Box
Lining shipping boxes with bubble wrap will help you when you have issues with your shipments, and you will find that the box is much safer because you have covered each part of the interior with your wrap. The items that are inside cannot make hard contact with the edge of the box, and they will be cradled in a place that is quite soft. You may wrap your items in bubble wrap, and you will find that using the bubble wrap in more than one way will help keep the shipment from incurring damage. 
#2: Wrap Twice
You may wrap your items in more than one way when you are using bubble wrap. You may use your bubble wrap in the lateral motion, and you will use it in a horizontal motion when you are finished with your first pass. You are ensuring that every part of the item is covered, and you are avoiding problems with your items that may occur when they are not covered properly. You will ensure that the ubbble wrap touches each part of the item, and you will keep your items safe when they are in transit. 

#3: Use Thick Bubble Wrap
Thick bubble wrap is appropriate for large items as it will help you when you have something massive to cover. The items cannot slip in the gaps of the bubble wrap, and you have more shock absorption from the wrap. You may use a thinner bubble wrap when you have questions about smaller items, and you will find that each is quite useful when used properly.

#4: Use Heavy Tape
You must use heavy tape to ensure that you have a wrap that will hold onto each item. you cannot expect the wrap to astay in place because it has been wrapped tightly. You must tape it shut, and you will find that taping it closed will change your perspective on the shipment once it is placed in any of your shipping boxes. 

#5: Using More Than Is Needed
You may protect yourself quite easily when you are using more bubble wrap than you think is necessary. There are people who are finding the bubble wrapped items they send are broken because they did not use enough, and you will have more luck when you are careful to use a large amount.
There are many uses for bubble wrap, and you must use the bubble wrap in a way that will ensure all your items are protected. you deserve to have items shipped in a style that will help you save money, and you will find that there is quite a lot of money to save when you use a bit more bubble wrap than you thought necessary.