Flowers' former lives
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    Set of illustrations featuring flowers, that talk about their previous lives as people
In this set of illustrations FLOWERS talk about their previous lives as people.
PURPLE IRIS:"I was a princess. I was tormented by haughtiness and avarice. Once a foreign prince asked my hand in marriage, and I rejected him like all other suitors. Bidding me farewell, he gave me a luxurious necklace with a winding mechanical goldbird and a huge amethyst. The necklace was poisoned."
YELLOW IXIA:"I was a schoolteacher of math. Once I slipped on oil spilled by the pupils at the class entrance - and broke my glasses. After work I crossed the road and didn't see the car... I am glad to be through with all that."
FIRE LILY:"I was a street tightrope walker, but once I fell down."
LADY'S SLIPPER ORCHID:"I remember myself an old woman, grumpy and forsaken. My only company for the last years of my life was a grumpy and forsaken cat. I often reminisce him.."
TIGER-LILY:"I was an exotic dancer. Once I stepped onto a scorpio."