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Do I really Need to Floss?
This is almost like the age-old question for many. Do you need to floss your teeth? Most of us hate cleaning our teeth, and it’s rarely met with cheers of joy. About 15% of adults would rather clean a toilet than floss their teeth. You might have also heard that there is a lot of floss shaming pushed by the Associated Press. It’s brought to attention the fact that the department of health and human services and agriculture did remove the flossing recommendation. You might immediately go to your Santa Clarita dentist and ask if this is the case.

However, you shouldn’t ditch your floss yet. There are many dental practitioners and associations that will tell you straight up not to take the headlines that are put there as the only way to live. There is still a lot of research being done on the effects of flossing, and it’s still limited. There aren’t any long-term studies conducted, and most of these have outdated methods that few people take the time to actually try, and often, these don’t prove the results that you might be looking for, or those that are statistically relevant.

Another major point, is that many people do floss incorrectly. If you think you’re flossing wrongly, talk to your Santa Clarita dentist about this, finding out if you’re flossing right. Typically, you should be using a gentle up and down motion, and that is recommended, and that is a very important variable when you’re studying how effective flossing is. Often, many floss in a sawing motion instead, which is actually wrong.

What this means is that in the studies that are out to prove or disprove this, most of them are unreliable and they aren’t conclusive as well. You should also remember that the dietary guidelines are really just suggestions for diet and nutrition. The publication is separate from most of the official recommendations, especially from the CDC, the Surgeon General, and other various health agencies. If you take the time to look, most of them still push forward to floss and keep on flossing in order to have the best oral health possible.
At this point, you will probably be told by any dentist out there that you need to have the best flossing and daily routine, and it’s really an important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but not only that, flossing will help remove and help prevent the buildup of bacteria films, also called plaque, between the teeth. If you do get a comprehensive exam, coupling this with a good flossing routine will prevent gum disease, and it’s really an essential part of it.
But, if you are the type who wants to do it, but you still struggle with it, don’t worry, there are different means to help you clean your teeth effectively, and in a comfortable manner. There are now dental picks, which are essentially little picks with a floss in between that will help you get in there, and the material is often thin, so you can get in deep, and they work well. There are also water flossers which work well, and while they are expensive, you want to maybe consider that if you hate the idea of flossing. You should make sure that you do consider tiny little brushes and plaque removes as a few of the options out there, especially if you’re the type that hates to do this.

If you’re ever worried about if you’re flossing right or wrong, it never hurts to check to see. But one of the few things that you are going to want to do, one of the things that you’re going to have to realize, is that there are publications out there that tell you not to floss, but they aren’t right. That isn’t what should be encouraged. What should instead be encouraged is a killer dental routine. Yes, flossing isn’t fun, and it’s often something at the bottom of everyone’s favorite daily routine list, but remember that the results of this are worth it. You want to make sure you have the healthiest teeth possible, and you want to prevent gum disease too.