About Sedation Dentistry
If going to the dentist makes you feel like a nervous wreck, anxious, and makes you want to miss appointments, then you might want to consider sedation dentistry. Even though most dental practices aren’t too painful, many experience anxiety before going to the dentist, even if it’s a simple cleaning. However, sedation dentistry is an option for many, and you can even talk to your dentist in Pacoima to find out if having this is right for you. This will help you avoid dental work, and it’s a great tool to have.

Now, for many, sedation dentistry isn’t just knocking a person out. Your dentist in Pacoima will work with you on what you should do and what is best, depending on anxiety and what type of procedure you need.

The first is nitrous oxide. This is typically called laughing gas, and it’s an inhalation sedation. It doesn’t have a color, smell, or even any irritants. This will ease the pain and relax the body, helping the patient not be so anxious. The patient is conscious the entire time.

Then there are oral sedatives. These are taken to help calm the nerves and the muscles. If the patient is sensitive to this, they might fall asleep. If taking sedation pills fits you, then this is a great tool to have.

Then there is IV anesthesia. This is the most powerful of the three, and it’s done intravenously. This is done with heavy oral surgery, and often the patient will fall asleep, having almost no awareness of it, and they’ll wake up when it’s over.
This is great for anyone that has painful conditions, such as gum disease and broken teeth. If a person avoids the dentist, which isn’t a good thing period, you won’t get the help from the dentist that you need. Remember, your oral health and wellness matter, and while dentists don’t want fear and anxiety to be at the forefront, they also want to make sure they choose the best option for you. If you feel like you need some help with dental anxiety and coping with it, this is something to consider.

If your teeth are sensitive, have anxiety, a strong gag reflex, a huge fear of needles, are squirmy and can’t stay still, or you have trouble getting numb, you should talk to you dentist in Pacoima for some help with this.

You might also have your dentist suggest this as well if you’re about to go in for a severe procedure that is either very painful, or very lengthy.  This can help you sit in there comfortably. If you’re getting for example, a tooth taken out, this s a key procedure to help with the pain associated with this. It’s very useful, and often, many people do benefit from this.

If you’re worried about sedation dentistry, you should talk to your dentist about it. They can help you get comfortable while they take care of the teeth, and it can be something as simple as giving you nitrous before the procedure, to even having an IV administered. With some of these, you might have to have special precautions in this. For example, if you’re getting an IV sedation, you should make sure that you don’t eat or drink after midnight the night before. With some, you will have to read the instructions and take it an hour before the procedure for the best results. In essence, the best way to get to know what you must do with this, is to start by getting the recommended care from your practitioner before you begin with this.
For many of us, it’s scary to go to the dentist, and often we don’t want to. However, avoiding the inevitable is only going to hurt you, and its often how gum disease goes untreated, various issues with the body start to happen, and overall, you’re suffering. However, you don’t have to do that, nor do you have to worry about your own personal health as much if you get it fixed right away. See your dentist today so that you can take care of any vital health concerns and get the care you need right away.