Craft Photography.
Visual Concept.

Light + Instant + Composition.

The objetive was to take unique and special moments in a day of "game" of a couple 
of kids.We look for fun angles that are given when entering their world.

Using the rule of thirds, we made the composition focus on the most important story without losing sight of what happens around thanks to the secondary elements.
The work of warm interior light, highlights tones and textures "chocolate", one of the main ingredients of the product of the campaign, and is complemented by reds, blues that are the main colors of the packaging.
Craft Art Direction.

Aesthetics + Lighting + Atmosphere.

For this photograph, a very specific aesthetic was sought, through of a work of lighting, ambience and inspired texture in chocolate, main ingredient of our product. 

The lighting he was in charge of highlighting a "chocolate" atmosphere by means of light
and its effect on textures of the location.

The setting was based on showing pieces and elements that refer to pieces of chocolate.
And adding the costume work where the other colors complement each other 
of the product.