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Best Foods for Healthy Teeth
When it comes to your oral health, you want to have the best you can get. With the American diet so high in sugars and other sorts of contents, it’s hard to keep this up, and talking to a Bothell dentist will definitely affirm that it is quite a nightmare. However, did you know that eating the right foods can make your dental health so much better? That’s right, while caring for your teeth is imperative, what you eat matters too, and this article will tell you some of the best foods to have healthy teeth.

The first, is apples. Apples are great for the body period, and there is even a clichéd phrase that affirms this. However, it’s more than just that. They are not only riddled with vitamins, but if you want them, you get rid of plaque easily. Apple skin also is great to help with removing stains, and makes a Bothell dentist’s job so much easier, and they can also remedy bad breath.

Next, are crunchy veggies. Now, celery and carrots are another great vegetable to have but they also help with teeth. They have the same scrubbing effect apples do, but they also include vitamin A, which is good for gum health. Even having them raw helps too, since you’ll salivate more, and you’ll be able to prevent tooth decay.

Along with this though are green, leafy veggies. You want to have these because they not only are great for overall health, but they’re amazing for dental health too. Not only is there iron and antioxidants, but there is also beta-carotene, which is good to help with tooth enamel. If you have these, you’ll have very strong teeth. If you’re worried about a child’s dental health, you can sneak them into their favorite foods, or you can have them raw and cooked for the best results.

Oranges are also another really good food to have when you’re looking at your own gum health. They help keep gums strong, and the vitamin C in this will help with the bacteria that is there, keeping it away. If you have a deficiency in this, you’ll start to have gum swelling, and even some bleeding. Having acidic fruits in your diet will give you a great way to get your daily dose of each of these.

Along with this are strawberries. They’re amazing for vitamin C, and they help with your gums. 100 grams of this, which is really only 9 berries, is almost all of the suggested daily value of vitamin C, which is higher than oranges.

One thing of note that you should keep in mind is that while it is a popular trend, don’t use strawberries and baking soda as a teeth whitener. Strawberries have sugar, so you got to brush your teeth, and the seeds can get stuck between your teeth. You don’t want to mix these as well, since the acidity of these is bad for your teeth and it can lead to erosion. Remember, you can’t get enamel back if you lose it, so you must keep it in check.

Finally, there are salmon and other fish that you can have as well. These contain large amounts of Omega 3 and vitamin D, which are both key components to strong teeth and jawbones. If you are prone to spending a lot of time indoors, then you’ll be missing out on some of the rays that the sun gives, but you can help supplement that by having at least 400 IU of vitamin D each day in your diet. Making sure to have it is great for overall health.
Keeping your teeth health isn’t just about brushing and flossing but you should also make sure that you eat the right stuff as well. Do make sure that you keep your teeth healthy this way, so that you can make your dentist’s job not only easier on them, but on your own personal health as well. Remember, you owe it to yourself to have peak dental health, so take that into consideration today when you’re looking at what you eat, and whether or not you should change what you do eat.