Timothy D. Giang

I have a Landscape Architecture Degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with supporting courses in Irrigation Design.  I have have plenty of software knowledge that will do well in a design base firm but I am always ready to learn a new software.  I work well both as an individual and a team member.  I have a over six years of customer service experience and have done some freelance work doing CAD and basic digital 3D modeling.  I have good sense of spacial composition and scaling.  If there is something that I excel in, it would be technology, either using it in presentations or figuring out how it could be implemented in my work.

Besides my experience, I am physically capable of doing heavy lifting over 50lbs.  I also enjoy the outdoors and model making, which includes; Laser Cuts; Plaster Molding; Furniture; Sculpting; etc.  I have done some irrigation renovations and some basic electrical light wiring.

B = Basic
I = Intermediate
P = Proficient

Software Programs:
Sketchup Pro(I) • Artlantis(I) • Windows AutoCAD 2007-2010(I) • Mac OS X AutoCAD 2011(P) • Maya(B)• Inventor(B) • Illustrator(I) • GIS(B) • Photoshop(P) • InDesign(P) • Premiere(B) • Acrobat Pro(I) • Word(P) • PowerPoint(P) • Excel(P)

Sprinkler Irrigation • Drip Irrigation • Landscape Drainage • Green House Management • General Surveying

Technical Skills:
iPad Individual or Group Presentations • Apple OS X • Windows OS • Laser Cutting • Model Making • Hand Graphics • Sculpting • Exhibition
This is a team project of Master Plan of a portion of Downtown Los Angeles, which includes Little Tokyo and the Art District.  This layout was done using a combination of Illustrator and InDesign.  My main role in this team project includes; Layout Design; Quantification With Excel and Diagrams; Graphics; Transportation Design; Laser Cut Models; Mapping; and Case Studies.
AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop
This drawing shows how the design would work using 3D modeling techniques.  The design was done from the ground up.  I visited the site to measure the existing design.  The information was then put into drawing using Google SketchUp Pro then rendered using Artlantis, with finishing touches done with Photoshop.  The design concept was to help utilize a space that was once Cal Poly Pomona most recognized landmark, because of its continuous expansion, it has been under utilized for years except for special occasion.
This site plan was completely drawn by hand to scale.  The callouts and site analysis were done with illustrator, while the rendering was done completely through photoshop.  I did not use any markers or watercolor to render this plan.
This graphic mapping was to help my team understand the overall mix use of Downtown Los Angeles.  This graphic mapping was done completely through SketchUp Pro.
This Quantification Diagram was used to help show the clients how our proposed design would affect the existing design.