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    Contest to design a steam iron generator
Philips Steam Shark
A New Way to Iron
The top priorities for any winning design are functional sophistication and asrtistry, a combination that the Steam Shark undoubtedly possessses and ultimately surpassess in technological and visual innovation. Boasting a gently curved oblong shape, its beautiful exterior alludes to the plethora of advanced features (ergonomic handle, built-in steam shut-off, eco-setting, continuous steam lock switch, calc-cleaner, etc.) and ultimately serves as a symbol of Philips brand promise of sense & simplicity. In order to ensure intuitive operation, the model integrates a Philips LumiLED interface for the power button, eco-setting, and continuous steam lock as well as providing an LED thermometer that allows the user to adjust the water temperature by simply touching the appropriate area on the brim. To parallel the visual feature will be an LED water supply indicator at the model base that will decrease in blue luminescence as the water decreases. Aside from a complete exterior overhaul of current ironing steam generates, the internal design optimizes space and thermal efficiency better than any currently available model. Rather than traditional water tanks, a durable water pillow replaces the heavier, space-consuming plastic allowing for a higher water capacity and lower overall weight, One of the most important aspects of this revolutionary home appliance is its innovative water pillow that integrates a calc-cleaner while allowing easy removal from the generator body. With a divide in the middle of the generator body, one can easily remove the thin water pillow shell, fill it with water and simply place it back for fast water filling.
With unsurpassed beauty and intelligence, the Steam Shark is sure to hold the bar for ironing steam generators to come.