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52 Weeks is a reincarnation of Weekly 100, which started on the Core77 boards and Tumblr at the beginning of 2012.
52 Weeks
Previously known as Weekly 100.

Weekly 100 was my new years resolution, where I attempted to draw 100 pages a week. This task turned out to be far too ambitious and was revised with a goal of a 100 sketches per week. For about 4 weeks, Weekly 100 went strong, however at the beginning of February, I landed a full-time contract job with IMDbPro and have had to put it on hold, until today.

Weekly 100 will be reborn as 52 Weeks and will kick-off in June.  
Week 112.30.11 - 1.05.12
Week 21.06.12 - 1.12.12