This month we explored different ways of filling in cups by reinterpreting the relationship in between the container and the content. So the way of 'coupling' a cup and the content can be different indeed. It is the second series of '담아내다', followed by May 2015 issue, "Spooning".

Two for One

Two cups intersecting within one metallic volume. These hollow craters in different direction allow you to fill two different content, not simultaneously but one at a time.

     © twelvemonthly + DONGHYUN KIM


Unbalanced combination of two different metallic cylinders creates unbearable anxiousness. This disequilibrium is balanced by the solid weight below which is 270 grams.

     © twelvemonthly + DONGHYUN KIM

On the rock

A glass set for whiskey on the rock. The glass can only be upright on top of the rugged cylindrical stone base; 'the rock', finished elaborately with care. 

     © twelvemonthly + DONGHYUN KIM


MateREAL WOOD allows you to feel the delicate awkwardness by applying wooden texture to different materials. The temperature might differ by materials, but the touch is identical. Wooden glass, wooden paper and wooden metal is used for these cups.  
     © twelvemonthly + YOUNGWOO CHOI

A Cup of Water

This cup is for filling water and at the same time a cup that is filled with water by default. Since most of the cup is already filled with glass volume, reason for being a cup for water is visually eternal.

     © twelvemonthly + YOUNGWOO CHOI


By filling the content to the full, the silhouette of the liquid with surface tension completes the oval shape. Creating aesthetic poetry with the help of physics.

     © twelvemonthly + YOUNGWOO CHOI


Reinventing another archetype of the cup by transferring the handle to a central rod. A drop of material ends up with a shallow container.

     © twelvemonthly 

See Through

The surrounding layer allows room for air in between the container and the bottom. Whatever you pour will float above.

     © twelvemonthly