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    White bear anamorp in a former bear cage located an ex zoo

This summer the whole crew had the chance to paint in a really cool location: the former Torino zoo, right downtown next to the Po river, and abandoned since 1987. For the past couple of years Border Land Association has been giving life back to the Park: a unique chance to create site-specific artwork, creating dialogue with the shattered remains of an open-air prison.

The message conveyed by this piece is clear enough: time is running out and the Earth, as well as ourselves, needs a rapid change of attitude. The two pictures are taken from opposite viewpoints surrounding the piece, as two are the ways of looking at the problem: the dramatic one, standing in front of our planet being destroyed by our hands, and the active one, giving a strong message and advice for a better future.

What better place to represent these ideas than a former bear cage in an ex zoo?
All photos are © by Livio Ninni
Special thanks go to Border Land Association, responsible for all activities within Parco Michelotti, and to Sikkens, technical sponsor for this project.

Truly ’s artwork arises from the encounter between its four founders, who meet in the late 90’s amid train yards, abandoned factories and suburbs, experimenting at first with graffiti.
A passion and a commitment which culminate in a common street art project started in 2003. 
The four artists’ combined attitudes shape an artistic project which leads them to stand out amid the international urban art panorama: the use of perspective and anamorphic painting, which generates visionary 3D images, outstanding optical illusions which merge with the surrounding architecture.