The Great Googa Mooga (signage)
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    Over 147 signs created for a food and music festival held in Brooklyn's Prospect Park
The Great Googa Mooga
Hand-painted signage for first annual food and music festival held in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
Superfly Productions approached a good friend about painting simple signage for a  food & music festival which took place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn in May of 2012. That friend gave me a casual call about helping him out with that. Then we realized there were 75 food vendors, 35 brewers, and 30 wine makers who were participating in the festival who ALL needed signs made. So after having an "oh shit!" moment, we ended up making some more calls to more friends for help. We rented out a basement space in Brooklyn which came to be known to us as "The Cat-Piss Dungeon" and produced over 147 hand-painted signs over the course of a couple of weeks.