Airberlin, Germany’s second largest airline is a step away from bankruptcy. The last few years the numbers of passengers and flights have constantly been going down. One of the opportunities airberlin sees is to try synchronising with the open-minded attitude of Berlin, the city it symbolises. As part of this open-minded 
attitude, it is very important for airberlin to show their support towards the LGBTQ community. 
How could the corporate identity of airberlin be changed in a way that shows their pro-LGBTQ attitude is what this project strives for.
The new corporate design brings a modern and clean look for the airline. At the same time it corresponds with the old look and lets a connection easily be made.
Interaction with the LGBTQ target group showed that an individual pro-LGBTQ campaign, incorporated in a  standard corporate identity does not influence one’s perception of the corporation. One of the most memorable features of airberlin is it’s name. Carrying the name of a city that is currently blossoming. A city famous being a place young people flee to in order to feel free and express themselves. Airberlin with it’s conservative and content corporate identity has lost the conection to the city it symbolises. The new corporate identity is based on the adventure-seeking, young and open-minded attitude Berlin carries.

The motifs photographed for the campaign have carefully been developed to show the lack of establishment that is natural and typical for Berlins citizens. The concept tries to avoid an 
aggressive and pretentious statement and focuses on the natural diversity, 
playfulness, and a positive attitude of the city.