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    A collection of illustrations reconstructing the landscape, people and traditions of Medieval Ireland.
Medieval Ireland
Reconstructing landscapes, people and traditions.
The Kings Address

This scene depicts a Gaelic Chieftain addressing his people at a ritual meeting place, in the shadow of an ancient Oak tree, Daróg an Oireachtais, meaning Oak of the Assembly.

Hand drawn, pen and ink sketch.
The Kings Address - Final rendering

This scene features a young man who became famous for slaying a vicious beast that terrorised his community. So noble and courageous were his actions that the local Chieftain presented him with a plot of land for his troubles. The land, however, was renowned for being the worst plot of land in the kingdom, set in a low hollow and of no value. The cruel Chieftain looks on with laughter as the young man receives his reward.

Hand drawn, pen and ink sketch
Short-changed - Final rendering
The High Life

This scene depicts a typical, Gaelic tower House which was in use during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It served as a defended residence for some of the more prestiguous members of society, and often came complete with a perimeter moat.

Hand drawn, pen and ink sketch.
The High Life - Final rendering
Island Refuge

This scene depicts a structure known as a Crannog, which is an artificial island with roundhouse and defensive palisade.

Hand drawn, pen and ink sketch.
Island Refuge - Final rendering