Location: Dnipro
Area: 90 m2
Year: 2017
Authors: Nastya Zakharchenko, Aleksandra Nuzhnaya, Hanna Oganesyan, Aleksey Stepanov

Visualization: Toma Podolianko

Bright, modern and elegant apartment for a young family by Espace team. The main task for us was to divide the two functional zones - the kitchen and the living room. That is why we used a sliding door system, which created an easily transformable space . Spectacular colors, soft textiles, a combination of marble and wood created an interior with a special character.

For the bedroom space, we had chosen more minimalistic style, calm colors, soft shapes for the bed and bedside tables, natural materials. One of the interesting solutions for the children's room was the white glass wall for drawing and a house-shaped bed with a built-in wardrobe.