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Discover Truenorth
Discover TrueNorth:
When true luxury is defined by an abundance of space and time. 

Guided by local experts with detailed knowledge of Iceland's amazing environments, Discover Truenorth provides intensely personal experiences tailored to each individual. 
The minimal visual identity uses a compass device to provoke a sense of discover and adventure. This is supported by a striking angular typeface which has an almost 'runic' quality working alongside the beautiful native Icelandic letters and glyphs.
In response, we set out to create a sense of calm and discovery. Simple and evocative text. A stark, minimal aesthetic. Textured papers and breathtaking photography.
Every detail of the design and print was crafted to ensure that the high production values were just as impressive as our client. 
Client: Discover Truenorth
Role: Strategy / Design / Art-direction
Discipline: Corporate identity / Website / Promotional materials
Photography: Ragnar Axelsson
Website: Shaun Woods
More info: Contact Project Director Tracey Kelly
Discover Truenorth
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Multiple Owners
Daniel Freytag