Logos 2015-17
Logo for composer Ruslan Gapirov | Mini-Jack
Logo for the clothing brand Nadenka. Clothes made from natural materials | Leaf + T-shirt + Eco
Logo for web studio Digital Beards | D + B + [ (web) + Bearded man (turn your head)
Logo for the furniture workshop Tish | Cyrillic letters: Т + И + Ш = Tish
Logo for Faktórum agency. Apartments for rent | Key
Logo for online store goods for home and garden | Hose + Eight
Effect Babochki (Butterfly Effect). Production of bow ties. In Russian language 'babochka' means Butterfly and bow tie | Э + Б + Bow tie
Logo for Art Book. Photobooks for those who you love | Heart + Book + Photo
Logo for a management consulting company | Growth chart
Production of furniture | A + M + Ruler 
Logo for personal identity (Stanislav Prozorov, logo designer) | S + P + Penсil
Logo for peanut butter Kawa-Kawa | Peanut + Fox
Kawa-Kawa is not only peanut butter, but also a shop with rare and beautiful things. And the fox is the main character of this brand
Nanny and housekeeper agency Home Glory | House + Glory + Care
Logo for the information portal about the problem of drug addiction | pro-zavisimost.ru | P + Z + Information + Pulse
Logo for International Educational Tours 
Acronym of Russian name: «Международные Образовательные Туры» | Communication + Travel + Growth
Logo the project Peredyshka-Plus (Cyrillic: Передышка-Плюс) | Pause
The project helps parents of disabled people who needs permanent care to get more free time for themselves. 
Logo for hairdresser Eugenia Zubanova (Евгения Зубанова) | Cyrillic letters: Е + З