Pale Greeter to the Gates of Hell
Personal Character
This creature was made for a weekly challenge at
Usually when creating a character or creature, I find myself inventing a background and story to help guide the overall design. This way interesting details can be added which add some flavour. 

"He gasps for air. For each breath he takes, the less oxygen he seems to take in. "where am I?" he kept thinking. The white hot pain rushes through his head again as it had several times before. What an empty wasteland he has found himself in. Behind him was darkness as if the night was after him. Infront of him, the same direction he seemed to have walked for a lifetime, was the light. It never seemed to end. He fell several times to his knees, pleading and crying from both the exhaustion and the never-ending pain in his head. But something about the light made him continue. Made him push further than he had ever gone before. The light gave him hope and made him feel strong, no matter what his body told him. And when he finally got to the entrance he saw a shape emerge from the light. It rose high and tall from its previous crouched position, and welcomed him to eternal tourment, whilst pulling a forced grin."