Kate Abt is an interior designer who works out of the Washington D.C. area. With clients all over the country and as well as the U.K., Kate embodies her work as being sophisticated, polished, and personal.


By establishing a new presence on social media, Kate wanted a website that reflected her sense of style and aesthetic. As Kate was obtaining followers, she realized that her website wasn’t reflecting the content she was posting out on the web. Her former website was out-dated, contained a dark aesthetic, and had images of low or poor quality. By hiring a new photographer, she wanted a website to display better quality images her work as well as more user friendly approach for her work to bring in more clientele.


I met with Kate one on one to establish the business goals for her website. From our initial talks, I was able to decipher what Kate’s needs were for her audience and how to display her work on her site. I decided to begin the process by reorganizing the site map and creating a solid foundation to move her site forward. With the new foundation in place, I was able to sketch out three concepts that would highlighted the clean, sophisticated nature. Kate choose one of the three concepts that she felt her users would respond to the most. I created wireframes to show Kate how the layouts would work in the digital space. Kate had a hard time comprehending of how static renderings of the site would play in the digital space. To combat this comprehension, I created a prototype of her website with inVision to help mimic what the site would look like when it went. With a little back and forth and finessing of the details, Kate gave me the green light to begin the development process.


I designed and developed a responsive website for Kate with two main objectives: having her work take center stage and having an inviting yet clean aesthetic. I decided to customize a WordPress theme that was able to achieve these objectives, and easy for Kate to understand how to add new content. Since her work is more photographed, I was able to display high resolution images on the home page and within the portfolio that draws in Kate’s users as they visited the site, without weighing down her website load time. I used a 4 column grid and 2 column grid layouts that gave more space for padding, and made the thumbnails feel more intimate. To reflect this new, airy aesthetic of her website, I also was able to revamped Kate’s logo and business brand. Since going live, Kate’s website has received more foot traffic than before, creating more of an interest in Kate’s work and potential business prospects.